Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Hair Mask Baking Oil Cap
Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Hair Mask Baking Oil Cap
Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Hair Mask Baking Oil Cap

Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Hair Mask Baking Oil Cap

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Invest in your hair maintenance withour Hair Mask Baking Oil Cap. Soft Hood Attachment is made with waterproof material meant to stand the test of time and many drying/conditioning sessions. This adjustable bonnet hood allows you to adjust the fit around your unique headsize, hairstyle, and/or hair accesories (rollers, clips, flexirods, etc). While our flexible, lightweight material makes it light on the head while still trapping the heat for effective drying and/or conditioning. Our wide hose size (9 Inches perimeter) allows for a robust flow of warm air to your hair while you set, style, and condition. The long hose design (greater than 3 feet) allows for easy movement while you are under your hood. Your new favorite hood dryer attachment gives you consistent and even flow throughout the hood with evenly distributed hole openings in the hood for a consistent, gentle flow just like at the salon. The HBeautyLab Bonnet Hood Attachment was designed for ultimate comfort, flexibility, and functionality for almost any head size or any hair style. Optional chin straps attached to be used to prevent the fly off of the head. Best used on the dryer's LOW setting. Hand washable. Dryer not Included.

Product Parameters:
1. Material: Nylon
2. Color: pink, silver
3. Size:
Length: 56 cm / 1.84 ft
Diameter: 26 cm / 0.85 ft
4. Product Weight: 47 g
5. Package: opp bag
6. Efficacy: It brings you the whole process of safety and comfort, eliminating the risk of electric baking oil burns, so baking oil is more convenient and lasting effect. Coupled with household hair dryer can be used, anytime, anywhere easy to bake oil

How to use:
1. After washing hair, evenly coated with baked oil, and then wrapped on a towel
2. Bring the heater baked oil cap
3. The hair dryer to connect the heater baking oil cap hair dryer
4. Open the hair dryer, heater blowing into the baking oil cap for heating

Package Includes:
1x Baking oil cap

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